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Office planning with smow and Création Baumann

The Swiss textile company Création Baumann can trace their history back to 1886, when Friedrich Baumann and Albert Brand founded a company for the production and sale of linen and half-linen in Langenthal. Further companies and collections followed, until in 1950 the company began to increasingly devote itself to the conscious artistic design of fabrics before in the 1960s finally paved the way for the production of decorative fabrics, the manufacturer's contemporary core competence, through the employment of professional textile designers.

To this day, the family business has its own design studio and has its textiles produced in the company's own production facility in Switzerland - everything from winding to dyeing and printing is done on site. Création Baumann not only offers decorative furnishing fabrics such as curtains, upholstery fabrics, blackout fabrics or glare and heat protection, but also acoustic solutions for the contract sector including acoustic fabrics and systems for acoustic room division, as well as special industry solutions such as antimicrobial textiles for the health sector.

Longing for a quieter office or living space? In the following smow stores we offer on-site sales and advice on products from Création Baumann and the acousticpearls brand, including, amongst other solutions, roller blinds, curtains, anti-glare & privacy screens or wall and acoustic panels to dampen and reduce the sound between two rooms or desks.

Création Baumann in our smow Stores

Should you require more information on Création Baumann textile solutions, or have a specific wish concerning Création Baumann, please contact your local smow store. We offer Création Baumann through the following smow stores:

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Acousticpearls: Designer panels for acoustic room design

Since 2016 acousticpearls has been part of the Création Baumann family where it complements the diverse company competence in the field of acoustics. With the merger of the brands, Création Baumann integrated the competencies of acousticpearls GmbH and thus offers planners, interior designers and specialist retail partners holistic solutions from a single source using acoustic panels, acoustically effective textiles and interior shading systems.

acousticpearls is committed to developing attractive solutions to improve room acoustics. The acousticpearls panels combine acoustic comfort with timeless aesthetics: clear, simple shapes and selected colours form a harmonious composition. Crafted from highly effective and impact-resistant acoustic materials, the acousticpearls elements not only meet the highest requirements for sound absorption and noise reduction, but also meet the high demands of an attractive interior design. Not least thanks to their countless design variants.

Social distancing with textiles from Création Baumann

With a range of products for textile room separation, Création Baumann offers creative solutions for social distancing in the office or in public spaces in times of distance rules. Thanks to intelligently used semi-transparent curtains, large office spaces become multifunctional areas that can be quickly divided and reunited. The Création Baumann acoustic curtains and room dividers enable new constellations to be continuously realised and to create a pleasant balance between quiet work and communicative meeting areas.

Acoustic divider Vario from Création Baumann: A curtain that sound insulates


Open-plan offices correspond to the contemporary zeitgeist, but bring massive challenges, especially in terms of acoustics. The functional textiles from Création Baumann combine sound absorption, sound insulation and aesthetics and optimise the room acoustics without the need for complex construction work. In addition to acoustic fabrics and acoustic panels, the Swiss manufacturer also offers the special Acoustic Divider Vario system with an integrated noise silencer, which can help reduce noise levels by up to 16 decibels.

Room division with curtains by Création Baumann

Office planning with Création Baumann

Room divider Reverso from Création Baumann

Création Baumann room divider

Acoustic curtain Zetacoustic from Création Baumann

Social Distancing in the office with Création Baumann

Création Baumann acoustic curtain

Sound absorbing curtain Entrada from Création Baumann

Planning public spaces with Création Baumann

Conceptual planning with products from Création Baumann

Room partitioning with Création Baumann curtains

Acoustic solution and social distancing

Planning home furnishings with Création Baumann

Création Baumann curtains

Cosy curtains from Création Baumann

Decorative fabrics from Création Baumann

High-quality textiles from Création Baumann

Decorative curtains from Création Baumann

Basics of acoustic planning

acousticpearls' products not only improve room acoustics and support an effective sound insulation but with their simple and shapely design they also set accents in the interior design. An important component of the acousticpearls' concept is the colours: numerous colour variants perfectly interplay to allow for individual colour compositions in the room. Thanks to the unique mounting system the acousticpearls panels can be quickly and easily installed, not only on the wall but also freely in the room.


Raumakustik von acousticpearls The acousticpearls panels combine acoustic comfort with timeless aesthetics. Clear simple forms and considered colours form a harmonious unity. All acousticpearls room acoustics panels feature the same in construction: an outer frame protects the highly effective and impact-resistant acoustic material inside, while the openings inconspicuously incorporated into the back not only allow quick and easy installation of the only five centimetres thick and lightweight acoustic panels, but also offer maximum installation flexibility. In addition, the textile surface is unique: high-quality fabrics from Kvadrat cover the acoustics core and thus create a closed unit. Not only the design and flexibility impress but also the quality of workmanship with details such as the fine stitching.


Raumakustik von acousticpearls In terms of the colour scheme, the acousticpearls products differ between the MONO and DUO lines; each line having its own design, giving the panel a unique look. And offering a choice of more than 50 shades, achieving that unique look simply a question of deciding what you want: let the smow service team advise you.

While the MONO panels impress with their monochrome simplicity, the DUO room acoustics panels combine two tones on one surface, harmoniously and in the classical ratio of one to two.

The room acoustics panels are available in three sizes, regardless of the colour scheme; therefore you can combine designs, colours and formats according to your wishes. And whether reserved or as a stimulating feature: all acousticpearls soundproofing panels are coordinated and can be easily combined with each other.


The quality fabrics Divina and Divina Melange from Kvadrat are used for the acousticpearls panels MONO and DUO. Made of 100% virgin wool, these fabrics are characterized by a very pleasant feel.


Often it is the desire for better room acoustics. The solution should be quick, uncomplicated, creatively high-quality and individual. The acousticpearls projects provide all of this over a broad spectrum: from different office uses to shops, clinics and law firm rooms an on to domestic spaces. Let yourself be inspired by the variety of design and the creative possibilities.


One of the key stress factors today is noise. Our well-being is determined in particular by the acoustic design of rooms. With their highly effective acoustic materials acousticpearls' soundproofing panels reduce the background noise and reverberation time in the room. They work across a particularly wide range of frequencies and offer the highest sound absorption class (A). Tested and certified according to EN ISO 354-2003, the panels significantly improve room acoustics. The speech intelligibility increases noticeably and thus increases individual concentration and performance. A balanced room acoustics creates a soothing atmosphere, gives you peace of mind and therefore the focus for the essentials.


The table below shows the number of panels in relation to the acoustic improvement in the room. The three room symbols are representative of different uses. With the categories 'noticeable', 'good' and 'very good' you can choose the number of panels for the acoustic comfort; thereby the acoustic planner supports you in optimising your planning, including and ensuring you achieve the desired acoustic effect. Important to note: The room acoustic effect of a size L panel is similar to four acoustic panels of size S or two of size M. The elements can be hung individually or in combinations - you are free to choose. room acoustics planner


acousticpearls panels make an impact - impressive not only in terms of its acoustic performance but also due to the innumerable possibilities in the system. From a single panel to larger formations, there are no limits to the design options: Combine MONO, DUO 1 and DUO 2 and the three formats S, M and L. Design your panel formations horizontally or vertically: acousticpearls panels can be perfectly integrated into any room.


Best materials and manual processing: The high quality of the acousticpearls panels is evident in every detail - from the acoustic core to the upholstery fabrics to the quilted seams. Selected craft businesses and factories produce a high-quality, individual and durable product. The textile surfaces from Kvadrat consist exclusively of quality fabrics such as pure new wool. The greatest possible flexibility in design is ensured by the colour shades of the fabrics coordinated by colour designers. The choice of materials and the solid production guarantee a sophisticated and durable product with an attractive and impact-resistant surface.


Just hang them. Like a picture. Individually or in formations: with the integrated mounting holes on the back of the panels, installation is extremely easy. For wall mounting practical system screws allow easy adjustment. A small twist on the screw, and the panel hangs properly. Thus, the lightweight elements can be installed quickly, precisely and straight even without specialist support. Thanks to the uncomplicated assembly and flexible handling, the panels can be rearranged at any time and existing panel arrangements can be supplemented.