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MONO textile acoustic panel
DUO 1 textile acoustic panel
DUO 2 textile acoustic panel

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Acousticpearls devote themselves to the development of attractive solutions for improving room acoustics. Acousticpearls' panels combine acoustic comfort with timeless aesthetics: clear simple shapes and selected colours forming a harmonious unity. Consisting of highly effective and shock-proof acoustic materials, the Acousticpearls' elements not only meet the highest requirements for sound absorption and noise reduction, but with their innumerable design variants also meet the high expectations of an attractive, contemporary interior design.

smow sells exclusively originals from licensed manufacturers and is an official trading partner of Acousticpearls.

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International Noise Awareness Day 2010

...Those produced by Bremen based acousticpearls are not only certified according to ISO 354:2003 (ISO 354:2003 specifies a method of measuring the sound absorption coefficient of acoustical materials used as wall or ceiling treatments, or the equivalent sound absorption area of objects, such as furniture, persons or space absorbers, in a reverberation room) but also come in a range of high quality Kvadrat textile coverings and so also visually enhance your office... The size of room and the amount of noise that needs to be neutralized determine the number of panels required; the existing decor, determines if the acousticpearls panels in Mono, Duo or Stripe are chosen and in which colours...

new at smow: acousticpearls

...This fairly basic principle is the idea behind acousticpearls... Only, and as with all really good industrial design, the crowning glory is the step from raw physics to design: which in the case of acousticpearls is the outer covering in pure new wool coverings from Danish producer kvadrat...

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