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Roxxane Leggera Standing Lamp
Roxxane Home Standing Lamp
Roxxane Fly
Roxxane Office
Roxxane Leggera Table Lamp
Roxxane Home Table Lamp

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Dietrich Brennenstuhl: founder, owner and managing director of the Nimbus Group

The German manufacturer Nimbus has existed for more than 25 years. Founded in 1988 by the architect and toolmaker Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl, who at that time created his first lamp in a garage in Stuttgart-Botnang, the Nimbus Group now employs about 160 people, and has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of energy-efficient residential lighting, while its sister Rosso, who is dedicated to acoustics, is a distinctive architectural brand for the private, the office and the public sector. Architect and company founder of the Stuttgart-based Nimbus Group Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl describes the philosophy of the company as follows: "We go through our lives with open ears and eyes, looking for opportunities". The combination of high-quality materials, clear, simple forms, and a high degree of technical finesse can be seen in the halogen light Cirrus 0, Brennenstuhl's first light design. Quickly, however, Dietrich Brennenstuhl became unsatisfied by the heat development and light emission of conventional lamps and began to deal intensively with LED technology: the tiny LED lamps offering much more freedom and control as a designers, while at the same time offering the potential to fundamentally change lighting technology, electronics and production processes. After five years of intensive research and development the Nimbus LED was ready for the market in 2005. At the time, one of the pioneers in the area of LED design, Nimbus lighting has been used in more than 10,000 projects around the world.

Office planning with Nimbus & Rossoacoustic

Contemporary office interior with the Nimbus Roxxane light (Photo © Frank Ockert)

Round Lighting Pads by Rossoacoustic

Lighting Pads in a modern reception area (Photo © DesignRaum GmbH)

The Roxxane Home by Nimbus in a home office environment (Photo © Frank Ockert)

Nimbus in an architecture office (Photo © Frank Ockert)

Lighting Pads in a contemporary dining room (Photo © DesignRaum GmbH)

Nimbus desk lamps in an open-plan office (Photo © Frank Ockert)

Planning your cafe, bar or restaurant with Nimbus & Rossoacoustic

The practical Roxxane Fly from Nimbus in a hotel (Bild © Uwe Ditz)

Artful Lighting Pad arrangement in a restaurant (Photo © DesignRaum GmbH)

Nimbus & Rossoacoustic in a stylish hotel (Photo © DesignRaum GmbH)

Planning domestic spaces with Nimbus & Rossoacoustic

The portable Roxxane Leggera floor lamp is extremely flexible and practical, especially at home (Photo © Frank Ockert)

The Roxxane Leggera by Nimbus in a living room (Photo © Frank Ockert)

Reading area with a Roxxane Home floor lamp (Photo © Frank Ockert)

smow sells exclusively originals from licensed manufacturers and is an official trading partner of Nimbus & Rossoacoustic.