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S 43 Classic
S 32 / S 32 N
S 64 / S 64 N
S 43 Classics in Colour
209 / 210
S 43 F Classic
S 32 N / S 64 N Pure Materials
214 K
404 / 404 F
118 F
S 32 PV / S 64 PV Pure Materials
118 / 118 M
118 High Gloss
S 32 V / S 64 V Pure Materials
S 32 V / S 64 V Pure Materials Special Edition
Special Edition
S 220
218 / 218 M
S 661

Dining with the Icons of Thonet - The perfect dining experience with Thonet classics

Whether a dinner party or a simple dinner - perfect with the classic Thonet 209/210

For over 200 years Thonet furniture has helped people come together, communicate, eat and enjoy one others company. These occasions, which are so essential for our lives, though in many regards similar, can take on differing forms: sometimes we meet for a formal dinner with friends and colleagues, sometimes it is just a family breakfast. Yet whatever the occasion Thonet has a wide selection of coordinated chairs and tables, design classics and contemporary designs which are unparalleled in terms of quality, beauty and functionality.

Thonet Dining Classics for the dining table and dinner table

Whether you are looking for the perfect chairs for your dining table or appropriate accessories for stylish dinner parties, the tubular steel cantilever chairs S 43 and S 32 by the Bauhaus designer Marcel Breuer will fit perfectly. While the S 43 has proven itself as an all-purpose chair, the comfortable S 32 with a cane covering is the perfect choice for the dinner table; and for additional comfort for your guests, the functionalist Bauhaus chairs are also available with armrests.

Timeless elegance with the S 43 from Thonet

In addition to the tubular steel cantilever chairs from the Bauhaus era, Thonet is primarily famous for its bentwood chairs from the 19th century. The legendary Thonet 214, one of the most successful chair designs in history, was designed by Michael Thonet, initially employed as a coffee house chair and over the decades since its creation has proven itself as a timeless dining room chair. So whether it's a bentwood chair or a tubular steel cantilever chair, let yourself be inspired by Thonet Dining and find first-class furniture that meets your expectations of comfort and aesthetics.

Dining room with the contemporary 118 dining chair

Thonet S 32: Can also be easily combined with other brands and styles

Casual all-rounder for the dining room, kitchen or restaurant

The cantilever chair with wickerwork: a laid-back eye-catcher

Thonet Dining also includes contemporary objects by designers such as Sebastian Herkner or Wolfgang C.R. Mezger, which are tailored to the Thonet portfolio and often refer directly to Thonet's design and manufacturing tradition in the choice of materials and processing. Thanks to first-class workmanship, formal reduction and simple elegance, this Thonet dining furniture proves itself in the private dining room as well as in the contract sector and is often an acquisition for a lifetime.

Would you like to take a seat on the S 64?

...or rather at the Thonet 1500?