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S 64 / S 64 N Cantilever Chair
5 + 1
S 32 / S 32 N Cantilever Chair
5 + 1
S 285/1 - S 285/2
S 64 Swivel Chair
S 32 PV / S 64 PV Pure Materials Cantilever Chair
5 + 1
S 1200
S 43 F Classic Cantilever Chair
5 + 1
S 43 Classic Cantilever Chair
5 + 1
S 285/0
S 285
LUM Table Lamp
S 43 Swivel Chair

Thonet solutions for your home office

The classic Thonet S 64 in a swivel version

If you don't want to forgo design classics in your home office, Thonet offers numerous furnishing solutions. Beyond the well-known Bauhaus cantilever chairs and many other design classics, the long established company from Frankenberg in Hessen offers innovative design furniture such as the Thonet S 64 VDR Atelier chair, a design by Thonet and Christophe Marchand based on Marcel Breuer's classic from 1929. Thonet desks and secretaries are also ideal for productive work and give the home office a homely character.

Thonet S 1200 desk

Thonet S 64 N cantilever chair

Thonet S 285 desk

Individual project planning with smow

We would be happy to advise you on setting up your home office and to support you individually - from planning to implementation. Regardless whether the establishment of a single work place, study or living-work area or if you are looking for a company-wide home office solution for your staff, simply share your ideas with our planning department.

Depending on the project, your project will be supported by our architects or interior designers in a smow store on site or via our online shop. You can reach our planning department from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 7 pm on 0341 2222 88 66 or via email at

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