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What does the USM in USM Haller mean?

USM stands for Ulrich Schärer Münsingen.

Is there a price list for System USM?

USM doesn't sell "standard" models; rather every piece is individually
planed and constructed according to the customer's wishes. The
catalogues "living essentials" and "working essentials" present some
examples and representative prices.

Is there a catalogue showing all USM Products?

The "Detail" catalogue for USM Haller, USM Kitos and USM Display can be
ordered from smow. Please contact our customer service team.

Will my USM Haller unit be delivered fully assembled?

Small and medium sized units are delivered fully assembled. Should
however the unit's dimensions make transport in the fully assembled
state impossible the unit will be delivered partially assembled and
completed locally. Please also be aware that obstacles and narrow doors
in your building can also lead to a partially assembled delivery. The
costs for a local assembly depend on the nature of the unit and your
country: for deliveries within Germany the costs are €149 plus 2% of the
product value. Prices for other countries vary. Our USM service team
will be happy to advise.

Can I extend my USM unit myself?

The USM furniture system is a modular system which provides for
customized solutions and which can be extended, adapted and reconfigured
at any time and as and when situations change or new needs arise. Such a
high degree of flexibility and variability requires a large number of
individual components, and in the case of the USM Haller system that
means over 2,000 items. Owing to this complexity, it is imperative that
all assembly, de-assembly and reassembly work is carried out by trained
technicians; not least to ensure the value and longevity of USM products
can be ensured. Incorrect installation can result in damage to the units
which must then be repaired, with associated costs and inconvenience and
may also result in a negation of any future warranty claims.

Can I configure my own, individual, USM Haller unit?

With the USM Haller Modular Furniture System, and its wide range of
elements, materials and colours almost anything is possible - the only
limit is your imagination. With the aid of the smow USM Configurator you
can create your own, individual, USM unit or edit existing USM units
from the smow online shop - simply select the "More options in the USM
Configurator" option on the relevant product page. Should you require
further help or assistance in the planning of your USM unit our
experienced USM Haller service team will be happy to assist - also in
terms of larger USM projects. They can be contacted via +49 341/2222 88
11 or

Are there assembly instructions should I want to build the unit myself?

To guarantee the quality and stability of the USM Haller units they
should only be assembled by suitably trained individuals. The addition
of individual components such as divider shelves can however be
undertaken alone, and assembly instructions are included in the delivery.

Who can organise the rebuilding of my existing USM Haller unit?

We can prepare a quote for the rebuilding, extension or conversion of
existing USM units. Please contact our USM service team for full details.

Are there examples of System USM Haller in use?

The annual magazine "spaces" presents System USM Haller in numerous case
studies. A free copy can be ordered from our USM service team.

Why do USM products only come in 14 colours?

As a flexible, modular system USM units can be rebuilt and reconfigured
as required and over decades. To support this flexibility USM only offer
the units in a small election of "neutral" colours. Should you have
specific colour wishes this may be possible at an extra cost. Please
contact our USM service team for details.

What material is USM Haller?

The frames of the tables and units and the unit panels are formed from
steel, either chrome-plated or powder coated. The table tops are
available as granite, resin strengthened glass, linoleum or natural wood
veneered plywood. The veneered table tops are finished with a
multi-layer varnish coating, the glue used in the construction meets the
standards of the emissions class "E1". Components such as hinges, door
knobs and handles are produced by casting, metal or plastic depending on
the component.

What material is the USM Ball?

The USM Ball is chrome-plated brass with 6 M8x1 threaded holes.

Are wood or plastic panels available?

In order to ensure that USM units maintain their quality and
functionality over long periods and in different environments the main
elements are only available in metal. For the top panels of USM units,
for use, for example, as reception desks or as low room dividers, wood
and plastic panels are available. Please contact our USM service team
for full details.

What is the difference between ball-to-ball dimensions and complete


The ball-to-ball dimension measures the distance from the centre of one
USM ball to the centre of the next. The USM ball has a diameter of 25
mm, the adjustable foot 30 mm. Consequently the complete width is the
ball-to-ball dimensions plus 30mm. The complete height is the
ball-to-ball dimensions plus 40mm, for units with castors ball-to-ball
height plus 80 mm.

Why is the 100 mm tube the shortest?

The given dimensions are standardised grid dimensions for System USM
Haller and are based on the distance from ball centre to ball centre.
The connection between the USM ball and the tube is via a 40 mm long
connector. Each tube has two connectors plus two ball "half diameters"
of 9 mm each: in total 98 mm. And so 100 mm is the smallest possible.

And why is the 750 mm tube the longest?

The longer the tube the more unstable the structure. Tubes longer than
750 mm would bend under normal use.

How thick are the table tops?

The USM Haller and USM Kitos table tops are 19 mm thick.

Is it possible to allow cables to pass through the back and/or side


System USM Haller offers the option of a cable hole. These are
rectangular openings (63 x 48 mm) with a rubber lining. These can be
placed in one of nine positions in any panel.

How much weight can a USM Haller panel carry?

The maximal allowed burden (surface load) for all metal elements up to
dimension of 750 x 500 mm is 50 kg. Heavy objects with a focussed
weight, (e.g. heavy metal sculptures on a small base) can cause bending.
In such cases, or with objects heavier than 50kg surface load a support
should be used. Please contact our USM service team in advance of any
order to confirm all details.

I have received my USM Haller sideboard, but the key is missing?

If you have ordered a USM unit without locks, the doors are secured for
transport. To open the door insert a coin in the central slot in the
handle and turn it 90 degrees to the right. The door will now open.

How can I assemble and disassemble USM Haller panels?

How can I assemble and disassemble a USM Haller door lock or handle?

How can I assemble and disassemble USM Haller glides and castors?

How can I assemble and disassemble a USM Haller drop-down doors with handle or lock?