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Soft Pad Group EA 219
Lobby Chair ES 104
Soft Pad Group EA 217
Soft Pad Group EA 215 / 216
Soft Pad Group EA 223
Soft Pad Group EA 207 / EA 208
Soft Pad Group EA 222
Lobby Chair ES 105 / ES 108
Soft Pad Chaise ES 106
Soft Pad Group EA 205

Eames Soft Pad Chairs

Vitra and the Eames Soft Pad Chairs

The Vitra Soft Pad Chairs from Charles and Ray Eames, a couple understood as being the masters of innovative 20th century furniture design - among their most important works being the legendary Lounge Chair and the Eames Plastic Chairs collection. The Vitra Eames Soft Pad Chair is supported by two aluminium brackets and receives its extreme comfort from the adjustable back tilt mechanism. The exposed aluminium construction is covered in fabric or leather onto which are sewn voluminous leather covered cushions. Despite the cushioning the Vitra Soft Pad chairs retain the essentially minimal character of their predecessors, the Eames Aluminium Chair. And although the chairs in both the Aluminium Group and the Soft Pad Group may be primarily considered as timeless and elegant office and conference chairs, each is also available in a lounge version. The various models are, as far as the frames are concerned, the same as the models in the Vitra Eames Aluminium Chairs Group, albeit the latter come without padding and are are just covered with fabric or leather, thus giving the typical slim silhouette.

The Chairs of the Soft Pad Group

Just as the Vitra Eames EA 222 by Charles and Ray Eames with its high, reclining backrest and low base is the perfect slender lounge chair, so to do the other Soft Pad models with their varying backrest and base forms and heights, their optional armrests, fabrics and colours make them prefect for their own contexts of use. Whether the EA 219, EA 207/208 or EA 117, the Vitra Eames Soft Pad Chairs and Aluminium chairs with their classic shape and sturdy construction are classics not only in the field of office and conference chairs but also in the living room and lounge area.