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Eames Plastic Side Chair DSW
Eames Plastic Armchair DAW
Eames Plastic Side Chair DSR
Lounge Chair & Ottoman
Eames Plastic Armchair DAR
Eames Plastic Armchair RAR
Aluminium Group EA 119
Hang It All
Aluminium Group EA 117
LTR Occasional Table
Lounge Chair
Soft Pad Group EA 219
Eames Plastic Side Chair DSX
Eames Elephant
Aluminium Group EA 107 / EA 108
DKR Wire Chair
Eames Fiberglass Chair DSW
Eames Plastic Armchair PACC
Lounge Chair & Ottoman - Limited Edition Mahogany
Special Edition
Lobby Chair ES 104
Plywood Group LCW / LCW Leather
ETR Elliptical Table Rod Base
Soft Pad Group EA 217
Eames House Bird
Lounge Chair & Ottoman - Black Version
Seat Cushion for Wire Chair (DKR/DKW/DKX)
Eames Fiberglass Chair DSR
Eames House Bird Walnut
Eames Plastic Side Chair PSCC
Eames Plastic Armchair DAX
Eames Fiberglass Chair DSX
Eames Elephant Plywood
Plywood Group LCM / LCM Leather
Plywood Group CTM
Small Dot Pattern Document Reverse
Plywood Group DCW
Eames Stools
Eames Elephant Small
Small Dot Pattern Document
Eames Classic Trays
Plywood Group DCM
DKX Wire Chair
Lounge Chair & Ottoman - Beauty Versions
DKW Wire Chair (new height)
Aluminium Group EA 105
Aluminium Group EA 125
Contract Table
Soft Pad Group EA 215 / 216
Soft Pad Group EA 223
Lounge Chair & Ottoman - Natural Edition
RAR with Upholstery
Lounge Chair & Ottoman - White Version
Aluminium Group EA 124
Soft Pad Group EA 207 / EA 208
Organic Chair
Aluminium Group EA 116
La Chaise
Aluminium Group EA 103 / EA 104
Eames Plastic Side Chair DSS
Soft Pad Group EA 222
Lounge Chair - White Version
Lobby Chair ES 105 / ES 108
Lounge Chair Ottoman
Soft Pad Chaise ES 106
Organic Highback
Aluminium Group EA 101
Plywood Group LCW Calf’s Skin
Folding Screen
Lounge Chair Ottoman - White Version
Plywood Group LCM Calf’s Skin
Soft Pad Group EA 205
DKR Wire Chair Checker

The Eames Collection

Eames Plastic Chairs from Vitra

Ray and Charles Eames – Pioneers of mid-century design

Ray Kaiser and Charles Eames, arguably the most important pair of designers in context of post-War American modernism, met at the legendary Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1940 where Charles, at that time, was prepaing along with Eero Saarinenfor the MoMA's "Organic Design in Home Furnishings" contest. Ray Kaiser had previously studied painting in New York and enrolled at the Cranbrook Academy in 1940. Just one year later, Ray and Charles Eames married and founded their joint design studio Eames Office in Los Angeles that same year, through which they were active for over four decades until 1976. Born in St. Louis in 1907, Charles Eames died in 1978, Ray Eames followed him to the day exactly a year later.

Eames fiberglass Chairs from Vitra

Vitra Design Classic: Eames Aluminium Chairs

The Eames Collection - A document of four decades design

The creative period of the Eames Office officially extended from 1943 to 1976 and resulted in an extensive, and above all versatile, canon. The Eames Collection consists of numerous smaller collections and individual pieces. Earlier in their career, the Eames experimented with moulded plywood, developed thereby their first seating collection collection: the Eames Plywood Chairs. In the 1950s, following long plastic experiments, came the Eames Plastic Arm Chairs and Eames Plastic Side Chairs: materials and construction perfectly suited for mass-produced machine production, perfectly fulfilling Charles Eames' promise of "The most of the best of the greatest number of people for the least". Originally made of fiberglass, in 1993 Vitra turned to production from environmentally friendly polypropylene; however, thanks to improved production methods, the Fiberglass Chair has recently returned to its original material. With the Aluminium Chairs, the Eames turned to a new material and developed a collection that is still undisputed at the forefront of upscale office furniture. However, the large seating collections make up only a fraction of the Eames Collection, which includes not only Eames accessories, but also toys and work from other areas such as film, architecture and exhibition design.

Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman from Vitra

Eames Plywood Chair DCM from Vitra

Vitra and the heritage of the design legends

While the production of the Eames Collection in the USA was taken over by the established furniture manufacturer Herman Miller right from the start, Vitra founder Willi Fehlbaum accidentally discovered Eames Designs during a stay in New York: According to legend, he spied an Eames Plywood Chair in a shop window during a taxi ride in the eye. Spontaneously excited, he contacted Herman Miller and in 1957, eventually, acquired production licenses for the European region after long negotiations. The foundations were thus laid for a long, successful collaboration and a decade-long friendship between the Eames and the Fehlbaums. Finally, in 1984, Vitra acquired exclusive rights to all Eames designs for Europe and the Middle East. The Eames Collection, which grew steadily until 1976, is not only one of Vitra's most successful product ranges, but has had a decisive influence on the company philosophy over the years. The wealth of innovation in Charles and Ray Eames' work, their functional and timeless understanding of form and the versatility of their work continue to represent the factors that make high-quality design work stand out.

Eames Elephant Plywood and Eames Dot Pattern blanket from Vitra

Eames Plywood Chair LCW from Vitra

Vitra Hang it all and Eames House Bird