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Panton Collection

The Panton Chair is generally considered the "first one piece chair" and thus is not purely one of the most revolutionary furniture designs of the 20th century on account of its flowing dynamics. Initially the sculptural chairs by the Danish designer Verner Panton were crafted from fibreglass reinforced polyester; however, the partly handmade production process was too expensive and thus the material was changed to the more favourable Polysteron. A material which proved qualitatively problematic and so the design classic has been marketed by Vitra since the 1980s under the name "Panton Chair Classic" in the original, and reliable, plastic version with glossy finish. The final version authorized by Verner Panton is a coloured polypropylene version with a matt surface and which finally allowed Panton to achieve his goal of a "Panton Chair" in the best quality at an affordable price. In addition Vitra has developed a junior version of the popular plastic chair in child-friendly colours and proportions, the "Panton Junior". But in whatever form - the ergonomic chair with its unique concave curvature remains a legendary landmark of the 60s design and contemporary style.