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USM Care Kit for USM Haller Table Wood

Our USM Haller Sideboards, Highboards and Filing Cabinets

With system USM Haller you are the boss. However, as customers request often closely resemble one another, our shop contains a pre-configured selection of the most popular USM Haller units. And as a general rule these are available for immediate delivery. Variations, adoptions and new configurations are, however, not a problem. Simply ask.

Depth: all 35 cm
Unit height: all 35 cm

All dimensions: between the ball centres

Actual height: +4 cm
Actual width: +2.5 cm
Actual depth: : +2.5 cm

Width: 75 cm
Width: 150 cm
Width: 225 cm

USM Lowboards
Height: 35 cm

USM Sideboards
Height: 70 cm

USM Highboards

Height: 105 cm

USM Filing Cabinets

Height: 175 cm

USM Haller

Furniture for every occasion

USM units have long been an integral part of office environments, but USM furniture is increasingly making its presence felt in domestic spaces. Thanks to its timeless aesthetic and its modular character the USM Haller System is perfect for any situation, be that an executive office, in conference rooms or reception area, or indeed nursery, dining room or as a TV module.

USM Haller at home

USM Haller in the office

Bespoke USM Haller solutions

Everything is possible with the modular USM Haller system. However, as the requirements of customers are often similar smow offer a selection of the most popular USM Haller sideboards, highboards and filing cabinets configurations in our online shop. Such standards are usually in stock and available at short notice. Should however you have individual wishes our USM consultants will be happy to help you to create the appropriate piece of furniture; alternatively with our USM Configurator, you can personally design your dream USM Haller unit.

Standard sizes

USM haller construction options

Personalised colour combinations

USM Haller units can be supplied in 14 standard colours - thus offering the possibility to match your individual preferences. In the smow online shop, many colours are in stock and available for immediate delivery. Similarly the USM tables are available in a wide range of different surfaces and colours, thus allowing for an option which matches not only your wishes, but also your interior design.

Company History

Established 50 years ago on the principle of "form follows function", the USM furniture system has grown to become a much loved global success. The company history begins in 1960 when company director Paul Schärer commissioned the architect Fritz Haller to construct a new USM factory building and central administration. A relatively young architect Fritz Haller was fascinated by modular, flexible constructions, and built the USM work according to such ideals: and subsequently developed the USM Haller furniture system according to the same principles. Although originally only developed for USM, the system was launched in the mid 1960s and today remains an incomparably flexible piece of furniture design which can be found globally in offices, homes and museums, including the Museum of Modern Art, MoMA, in New York.

USM Magazines

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USM Haller Assembly Videos

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...Staged under the title "Ambassadors of Creative Innovation" the Swiss Embassy 3daysofdesign 2019 showcase presented works from established Swiss brands such as Vitra, USM Haller, Création Baumann, Caran d'Ache or Laufen, who presented their new SAVE urine directing toilet concept realised in conjunction with Vienna based studio EOOS and Eawag, the aquatic research institute at the ETH Zürich; younger brands such as Viu eyewear or Zürich based Qwstion with their bags crafted from Bananatex, a textile made from, well, banana plants, not yet Zürcher Bananas, but if we're not all careful it may only be a matter of time, and no-one wants that; and students from the Architecture and Wood & Civil Engineering departments at the Berner Fachhochschule, who, in inter-disciplinary teams of two, considered under the title "Furniture for a Pop-up Embassy", representative, temporary, variable, momentary furniture...

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smow Blog High 5 Special: When fashion meets design.....

...The USM Haller Dress Extending Fritz Haller's famous Mini/Midi/Maxi construction principle to Mini/Midi/Maxi/Mode, the USM Haller dress presents all the advantages of the modular construction system, in a stylish, functional dress... Reduced, in an elegantly timeless manner, the USM Haller dress is readily convertible, from a short summer dress to a longer, more formal, number, and that, thanks to USM Haller's 14 colour palette, in a wide range of monochrome or multi-coloured configurations...

USM Haller E - A New Storage Generation

...One of the genuine highlights for us at Milan Furniture Fair 2017 was without question the launch of USM Haller E - a new development by which electricity can be supplied to USM Haller units, electricity which can be used to power LED lighting or USB chargers housed unobtrusively in the structural tubes... USM Haller E Quite aside from the possibility of simply, elegantly, integrating that all important USB charger into your domestic furniture - for example, a USM bedside table with USB charger to charge up your phone over night - the possibility of illuminated filing and storage cabinets offer all sorts of daily advantages in an office situation, in which context the automatic on/off function with drop-down and extension doors is particularly satisfying...

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...USM Haller E We genuinely never thought we'd feature USM in a High Five!... Not because we don't like, system USM Haller, we do, but because one of the delights of the system is its completeness...

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