Star Clock
Asterisk Clock
Spindle Clock
Tripod Clock
Cone Clock
B3 Wassily Miniature
Elephant Pad
Akari 9AD
Seat Cushion for Wire Chair (DKR/DKW/DKX)
HAL Ply Wood
Panton Chairs Miniature (Set of 5)
Omar the Owl
Wooden Dolls Mother Fish & Child
Basel Chair
La Chaise Miniature
Akari 1AG
Akari 1AY
Akari 1N
Akari 1P
Akari 3X
Akari 26N
Millerstripe Multicoloured Bright
Turbine Clock
Diamond Clock
Metal Side Table
Graphic Print Pillows
Polygon Clock
HAL Armchair Wood
Triangle Clock Black
Akari 3AD
Fernando the Fish
Plywood Group LCM / LCM Leather
DKW Wire Chair
ID Air
Eames Plastic Side Chair DSS
Aluminium Group EA 124
Girard Wool Blanket
Elephant Stool
HAL Tube
Jill Wood
Nelson Tables
Bistro Table Outdoor
Unix Chair with Five Star Base
Lounge Chair & Ottoman - Black Version
Lounge Chair & Ottoman - Beauty Versions
Belleville Table Outdoor
ID Trim Conference
Meda Conference
Slow Chair Ottoman
Akari 20N
Akari UF3-Q
Repeat Classic Stripe Poppy
Stuhl no. 14 Miniature
Rood Blauwe Stoel Miniature
Wheel Clock
Vegetal Miniature (Set of 3)
Super Fold Table
Allstar Office Swivel Chair
DKR Wire Chair (new height)
Hack Table
Lounge Chair
Aluminium Group EA 207 / EA 208
ETR Elliptical Table Rod Base
AC 4
Contract Table
Aluminium Group EA 217
Organic Chair
Polder Sofa
ID Trim
ID Trim L
Mariposa Sofa
EA 103 / EA 104
Lobby Chair ES 104
Slow Chair
Alcove Sofa
Wiggle Stool
Meda Chair
La Chaise
Alcove Highback Sofa
Belleville Armchair Wood
Polder Compact
Lobby Chair ES 105 / ES 108
Lounge Chair Ottoman
Coconut Chair
Freeform Sofa
Aluminium Group EA 116
Aluminium Group EA 222
Eames Segmented Table Rectangular
Eames Segmented Table Large Oval
Table Solvay
Lounge Chair - White Version
Aluminium Group EA 105
Plywood Group LCW Calf’s Skin
Folding screen

More about 'Vitra' in our blog

NeoCon Chicago 2016 Interview: Josef Kaiser, Chief Sales Officer, Vitra

...Although geographically the (hi)story of Vitra begins in Basel, spiritually it begins in America and arrives in Switzerland in 1957 with the licences to produce works by US designers such as Charles and Ray Eames, George Nelson, Isamu Noguchi and Alexander Girard; and then grows over the subsequent decades under the influence of the close co-operations which thus developed, for all those with George Nelson and Charles and Ray Eames... Given this close affinity with and to America it was perhaps inevitable that Vitra would one day set their sights on the American market, in many ways it is and was a "home" market, and in the mid-1980s the first, tentative, American steps were undertaken; even if trading in America meant, and means, trading without the works of Eames, Nelson et al, the US production and distribution licences for such designers remaining with Herman Miller...

PANTON and Contemprorary Danish Design, Berlin

This past Friday the Danish Embassy in Berlin opened an exhibition devoted to the work of Verner Panton - from his early works up to his influence of today's young Danish designers. The first exhibition of Verner Panton's work in Germany for 10 years, PANTON...

Garden Furniture: Top 5

...Vegetal by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec Four years of development with all the resources an established designer furniture company such as Vitra can provide has to produce something a little extra special...

2010 Designer Furniture World Cup:Italy 1 - Switzerland 1

...Setting quickly to work Antonio Citterio rolled out a succession of office chairs; including the Oson CE, Axess and T-chair for Vitra... Undeterred Citterio kept producing the office chairs and was eventually rewarded when his Vitra Skape sneaked in to make the final score 1:1 It was, however, very much a case of "too little too late" and so Switzerland and Fritz Haller advanced to the semi-finals...

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