Eye Clock
Spindle Clock
Tripod Clock
Diamond Clock
Rood Blauwe Stoel Miniature
B3 Wassily Miniature
Metal Side Table
DKW Wire Chair
Polygon Clock
ID Soft
Triangle Clock Black
Akari 9AD
Davy Table
Aluminium Group EA 223
HAL Ply Wood
Panton Chairs Miniature (Set of 5)
Elihu the Elephant
Omar the Owl
.03 Black
La Chaise Miniature
RAR Miniature
Plywood Group LCM / LCM Leather
Eames Plastic Side Chair PSCC
Elephant Stool
Akari 1AG
Akari 1N
Akari 3X
Akari XP1
Akari 20N
Turbine Clock
Stuhl no. 14 Miniature
Vegetal Miniature (Set of 3)
Akari 3AD
Fernando the Fish
Wooden Dolls Mother Fish & Child
HAL Table
Wooden Side Table
Customisable Greeting Card
Contract Table
Graphic Print Pillows
AC 4
Aluminium Group EA 124
Aluminium Group EA 215 / 216
HAL Tube
HAL Cantilever
ID Air
Bistro Table Outdoor
Unix Chair with Four Star Base
Lobby Chair ES 104
Eames Plastic Side Chair DSS
Aluminium Group EA 207 / EA 208
Cork Family
Jill Wood
Standard SP
Meda Conference
Plywood Group DCW
Visavis 2
Slow Chair Ottoman
Akari 26N
Girard Wool Blanket
Wheel Clock
Eames Coffee Table
Super Fold Table
Coconut Chair Miniature
Hack Table
Lounge Chair
Aluminium Group EA 219
Grand Repos
Meda Chair
ID Trim
Aluminium Group EA 116
Eames Segmented Table Oval
EA 103 / EA 104
Belleville Armchair Wood
Organic Chair
Polder Sofa
Mariposa Sofa
Unix Chair with Five Star Base
La Chaise
Alcove Sofa
Alcove Highback Sofa
Aluminium Group EA 125
Aluminium Group EA 222
Lounge Chair Ottoman - White Version
Wooden Doll Little Devil
Polder Compact
Lobby Chair ES 105 / ES 108
Coconut Chair
Slow Chair
Freeform Sofa
Akari 1AD
ID Trim Conference

More about 'Vitra' in our blog

Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat ... colour and fun from Alexander Girard

...Vitra Wooden Doll No 12 by Alexander Girard With his jester suit and cheeky grin Vitra Wooden Doll No 12 by Alexander Girard passes wonderfully into any modern Christmas scene... However thanks to the Vitra Design Museum the Wooden Dolls have finally been released on an adoring global public...

Win the (smow) Algue Christmas Tree!

...And this year we are offering our Vitra Algue Christmas Tree as a bribe, sorry, prize... The winner will in fact receive 25 red and 25 green Vitra Algue - enough to build your Christmas Tree, or indeed whatever you so require...

Orgatec 2010 Interview: Erwan Bouroullec

...The Vitra stand at Orgatec 2010 was dominated by the work of two design studios: Antonio Citterio and Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec... In addition to presenting new variations of their Alcove Sofa and Playns workstation, Vitra also unveiled the Bouroullec's new Communal Cells modular partition/interior architecture system and their High Meeting Table Apart from discussing the brothers forthcoming yacht project, we also talked about, the new Vitra products, what the Bouroullec's own office looks like and what is truly important in office design...

Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat ... here you can hang your Christmas hat

...Hang it All by Charles and Ray Eames through Vitra One of the true design classics Hang it All from Charles and Ray Eames was initially developed to encourage children to "Hang All" their belongings up - but it wasn't long before adults were also drawn to its infectious good humour...

(smow)chair: Vitra Design Museum, Cardboard Furniture Workshop

...The hard work was then done at the Vitra Design Museum Cardboard Furniture Workshop in Weil am Rhein... In conjunction with every exhibition at the Vitra Design Museum a programme of events is organised that aims to expand the topic a little and to offer insights that cannot be realised in the "normal" exhibition format...

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