Elephant Pad
HAL Tube
HAL Cantilever
Triangle Clock Black
Seat Cushion for Wire Chair (DKR/DKW/DKX)
ID Air
Panton Chairs Miniature (Set of 5)
Elihu the Elephant
Omar the Owl
Fernando the Fish
Wooden Dolls Mother Fish & Child
La Chaise Miniature
RAR Miniature
Akari 1AY
Akari 3X
Akari 26N
Turbine Clock
Spindle Clock
Diamond Clock
Polygon Clock
Flock of Butterflies
HAL Armchair Wood
Akari 3AD
Akari 26A / 21A / 15A
Graphic Print Pillows
DKW Wire Chair
Jill Wood
Standard SP
Aluminium Group EA 124
Contract Table
Girard Wool Blanket
Eames Plastic Side Chair DSS
Lounge Chair Repos
Lounge Chair & Ottoman - Beauty Versions
Panton Junior Summer Edition
Special Edition
ID Soft
Belleville Table Outdoor
Meda Conference
Slow Chair Ottoman
Akari 20N
Akari UF3-Q
Repeat Classic Stripe Poppy
Stuhl no. 14 Miniature
Rood Blauwe Stoel Miniature
Wheel Clock
Vegetal Miniature (Set of 3)
Akari 9AD
Super Fold Table
Allstar Office Swivel Chair
Hack Table
Lounge Chair
DKR Wire Chair
Lounge Chair - White Version
Eames Stools
Plywood Group LCW / LCW Leather
Folding screen
Meda Chair
DKR Wire Chair Outdoor
Plywood Group LCW Calf Hide
Organic Chair
Polder Sofa
Aluminium Group EA 217
Mariposa Sofa
EA 103 / EA 104
Lobby Chair ES 104
Guéridon Bas
Slow Chair
Eames Segmented Table Large Oval
ID Trim
Compas Direction
Lounge Chair Ottoman
La Chaise
Coconut Chair
Aluminium Group EA 207 / EA 208
Unix Chair with five star base
Polder Compact
Lobby Chair ES 105 / ES 108
Nelson Tables
Freeform Sofa
Prismatic Table
Aluminium Group EA 116
Aluminium Group EA 222
Eames Segmented Table Rectangular
Table Solvay
Bistro Table Indoor
Aluminium Group EA 105
ID Trim L
Belleville Armchair Wood
Marshmallow Sofa
Cone Chair
Alcove Sofa

More about 'Vitra' in our blog

smow Blog Interview: Glen Oliver Löw - I have always been of the opinion that design begins with a problem.

...Following his graduation from the Domus Academy Glen Oliver Löw remained in Milan where he took up a position with Antonio Citterio, becoming a partner in the practice in 1990, and developing a wide range of projects for companies as varied as, amongst others, Vitra, Kartell and Flos... Glen Oliver Löw: At that time he was looking for a German speaking designer to be responsible for the contact with Vitra...

Passenger Terminal Expo 2016 Cologne: Vitra

...In addition to all those publicly anonymous companies who help make airports tick, Passenger Terminal Expo also attracts one or the other more familiar exhibitor, including the Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra in the form of their dedicated Airport Division... When we spoke with Vitra Airport Division CEO Pascal Berberat ahead of Passenger Terminal Expo 2012 he told us that part of the reason why Vitra established a specialised airport division is the cultural uniformity of airports; whereas requirements for domestic and office furnishings vary geographically, airport's demands are generally global, and thus it makes sense for a company such as Vitra to have one central airport division...

Vitra Design Museum present Alexander Girard. A Designer's Universe

...Also of some significance is the fact that he is part Magpie - and a Florentine one at that"1 Alexander Girard's interest in quality, total involvement and his magpie-esque tendencies can be explored in the Vitra Design Museum's exhibition Alexander Girard... Alexander Girard died in 1993 aged 85 and in 1996 his personal archive was entrusted to the Vitra Design Museum, A Designer's Universe is the result of the first structured, scientific study of that archive...

smow blog Interview: Eames Demetrios - I don't think Charles and Ray were ever satisfied with their own work, they were always trying to make it better

...Aside from having grown up with Charles and Ray, as current Director of the Eames Office in Los Angeles Eames Demetrios is in many respects the Official Keeper of the Eames legacy and in addition to working with Herman Miller, Vitra and the Vitra Design Museum on the Eames product lines has also been responsible for numerous film, exhibition and book projects on Charles and Ray Eames and their work; his most recent book, "An Eames Primer", in many respects covering much of the ground we felt is and was missing in the Barbican exhibition... smow blog: In terms of furniture Charles and Ray Eames only worked with Herman Miller and then subsequently also Vitra, given that they were arguably the most successful designers of their generation, the obvious question is why this monogamy?...

(smow)offline: The best little warehouse in Texas ... or #Leipzig

...As we arrived at (smow)HQ on Thursday morning, Vitra were already waiting with a lorry full of products from designers as diverse as Charles and Ray Eames, Maarten van Severen or Verner Panton... And so we have spent the past few days directing Eiermann desk, Vitra DSR and USM Haller carrying Vitra Eames Elephants through the endless corridors of the (smow)warehouse...

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