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Soft Pad Group EA 222
Belleville Armchair Outdoor
ID Trim
Lobby Chair ES 105 / ES 108
Lounge Chair - White Version
Meda Chair
Plywood Group LCM / LCM Leather
Slow Chair
Polder Compact
Akari UF4-33N
Plywood Group DCW
Cone Chair
Table Solvay
Marshmallow Sofa
Tabouret Solvay
Belleville Table
Prismatic Table
Soft Pad Chaise ES 106
Turbine Clock
Lounge Chair Ottoman
Plywood Group CTM
Alcove Sofa
B3 Wassily Miniature
Visavis 2
HAL Ply Tube
Akari UF4-L8
HAL Ply Bar Stool
Lounge Chair Ottoman - White Version
Asterisk Clock
Akari 23A
Akari UF3-Q
Bistro Table Indoor
Fernando the Fish
Plywood Group LCW Calf’s Skin
Folding Screen
La Chaise Miniature
Akari 1AG
Petal Clock Black
Noguchi Dining Table
Heart Cone Chair
Organic Highback
Popsicle Clock
Colour Block Blanket
Aluminium Group EA 101
Akari 50EN / 70EN
Tripod Clock
Panton Chairs Miniature (Set of 5)
MVS Chaise
Rood Blauwe Stoel Miniature
Guéridon Bas
Nelson Perch
Amoebe Highback
Akari UF1-H
Cushion Set for Alcove Sofa
Akari E
Stuhl no. 14 Miniature
Vegetal Miniature (Set of 3)
Akari UF2-33N
Freeform Ottoman
Akari J1
Stuhl W1 Miniature
Visaroll 2
Softshell Chair with four star base
HAL Ply Wood
Unix Chair with Four-legged Base on Castors
Akari UF4-L10
Schaukelsessel no. 9 Miniature
Akari XP1
Akari 33N
MR20 Miniature
HAL Sledge
Hill House 1 Miniature
Soft Pad Group EA 205
Akari 45X
Plywood Group LCM Calf’s Skin
Sitzmaschine Miniature
Small Dot Pattern Document Reverse
Polygon Clock
Akari BB3-55DD
DKR Wire Chair Checker
Gartenstuhl Miniature

More about 'Vitra' in our blog

Vitra - Work @ Orgatec Cologne 2018

...At Orgatec Cologne 2016 Vitra staged, in effect, their own trade fair, renting an entire hall and inviting family and friends along to share the space and their ideas on the future of work... For at Orgatec Cologne 2018 they once again staged the Vitra Fair...

Orgatec Cologne 2018: High Five!!

...Rookie by Konstantin Grcic for Vitra In the interests of full disclosure, at Orgatec 2014 Vitra launched the low-tech Allstar office chair by Konstantin Grcic, which kind of passed us by...

5 New Architecture & Design Exhibitions for September 2018

...Moving Away: The Internationalist Architect opens at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, 9/32 Krymsky Val, 119049, Moscow on Wednesday September 12th and runs until Friday November 30th "Victor Papanek: The Politics of Design" at the Vitra Design Museum, Weil Am Rhein, Germany "There are professions more harmful than industrial design, but only a very few of them", thus opened Victor Papanek his 1971 book Design for the Real World And spent the next 350+ pages not only expounding on why that is, but also that it needn't be... The first ever Victor Papanek retrospective The Politics of Design at the Vitra Design Museum promises not only to explore Papanek's life, work and legacy but also present contemporary projects considered by the curators to be very much in keeping with Papanek's positions and principles...

Ron Arad: Yes to the Uncommon! @ The Vitra Design Museum Schaudepot, Weil am Rhein

...As if confirmation were needed, the Sticks & Stones crusher greets visitors to the Vitra Design Museum Schaudepot exhibition Ron Arad: Yes to the Uncommon!... An abridged story of What Ron Arad Did After Rover, a concise exploration of Ron Arad, his methods and his work throughout the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, as reflected by those projects held by the Vitra Design Museum collection including, and amongst many others, his London Papardelle, Big Easy and Tom Vac chairs or the singular Concrete Stereo...

Milan Design Week 2018 Compact: Vitra - Typecasting

...Whereas exhibitions in which designers show prototypes and discontinued projects by way of explaining who they are, where they come from and how they work, are a, relatively, regular occurrence, exhibitions in which manufacturers do such are much, much rarer: with the exhibition Typecasting Vitra make a very rare and very welcome exception And in doing so don't just present an image not only of Vitra past, but also take a look into the future... At Milan Furniture Fair 2018 Vitra will present their latest product portfolio, a mix of new and established products, wrapped up in a carefully, and expensively, prepared PR and advertising package...

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